The first Bellevue High School was built in 1931 between Highway 70 S and Harding Road, on the north side of what is known today as Colice Jeanne Road.  The mascot chosen was the Owl.  Children were transported by bus from Linton, Gower, Pasquo and portions of West Nashille to Bellevue High School where the Late G.E. Horn was the principal with 5 teachers.

A new Bellevue High School was built across the street from the old Bellevue High in 1971.  The old Bellevue High School became the Bellevue Junior High enrolling 7th and 8th graders, who also adopted the Owl mascot.  The Junior High students would walk across the street to the new High School to eat lunch.

1980 was the year the Metro School Board closed Bellevue High School in a battle that dragged on for months. The Bellevue Community pulled together for the common cause of saving Bellevue High School. Many of the volunteer firemen worked to save Bellevue High School by making the headquarters in the firehall. Over 2,000 residents attended the meeting to save Bellevue High School, but the people of Bellevue soon realized that the closing was a decision already made, not due to Integration, but due to a space utilization issue.  Hillwood High School had empty class rooms to fill and Bellevue High was overcrowded.  Bellevue High would close its doors in May of 1980, which became the Bellevue Middle School Owls.

Even though the last physical graduating class to attend Bellevue High is the Class of 1980, the Class of 1981 that attended Hillwood High their Senior Year was given the option to have 'Bellevue High School' on their diploma and graduate in Blue and White.  Therefore, the Class of 1981 is recognized as a graduating class of Bellevue High.